The T-Scan is a new diagnostic tool to analyze your dental occlusion, or the way your teeth meet together when you bite. When your bite is not aligned, problems occur such as broken teeth, crowns, and restorations as well as pain in the teeth, muscles and joints of the jaw. Nighttime teeth grinding is common, increased headache and neck pain, greater tooth wear and sensitivity.

If you have any of these symptoms schedule a T-Scan consult with us today! 

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Gregory S. Holbrook, DMD

Dr. Gregory S. Holbrook graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University in 1996 with a Doctorate of Dental Medicine. After graduating, he practiced family and cosmetic dentistry in Idaho for the 22 years. He enjoyed time outdoors hiking, hunting, fishing, snow skiing, white water rafting and more.

He and his wife, Holly, have been married 27 years, and they have six kids. Dr. Holbrook is very active in his faith and spends many hours  serving others. He has participated in humanitarian service around the world, including El Salvador, Guatemala, and China.

Dr. Holbrook’s mission is to recognize needs, relieve suffering, restore confidence, and reach out to serve. He is committed to listening to his patients’ concerns first and foremost in order to recognize their needs.  He strives to help his patients feel comfortable and at ease when they are with him, and he takes pride in offering the latest in dental treatments and technology.  He constantly strives to educate himself and update his skills by attending continuing education and professional development courses.