In a perfectly aligned bite, the upper teeth fit just slightly over the lower teeth. Few patients have a perfectly aligned bite. A bad bite is called malocclusion and is discovered by our dentist during a dental exam. Our dentist will have you bite down to see if your teeth align properly. If your bite needs adjusting, Dr. Holbrook may recommend bite correction.

There are several non-surgical options to correct malocclusion. Night guards may be recommended if you grind your teeth at night. A night guard will reduce the wearing down of teeth, which will improve a bad bite. If your teeth are relatively well aligned but do not touch perfectly, our dentist may reshape your teeth. This corrects irregularly shaped teeth. Orthodontics is the most common treatment for a bad bite. Braces, retainers, and other dental appliances are used to move your teeth slowly into their ideal positions. If you are missing any permanent teeth, our dentist will replace them with dental crowns or dental implants to improve your bite. Reconstruction can also be performed to create healthy teeth that are the correct size and shape.

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