With the look and feel of natural teeth, dental implants will improve your appearance and change what you eat and how you eat it.  They are the ultimate solution for replacing single or multiple missing teeth. These are also an excellent choice for loose crowns or the hassle of removable dentures.

Implants can restore one or several lost teeth by connecting the implant to a crown, denture, or bridge. You may prefer implant dentistry if you have a removable or cemented dental restoration but don’t like the appearance, fit, or if there is special cleaning needed. Dental implants can be treated just like your normal teeth with daily flossing and brushing.

Dr. Holbrook’s experience in implant dentistry will allow you to feel calm and comfortable about your experience receiving implants.  He uses the state-of-the-art Hiossen Implant Technology.

Dr. Holbrook, at your free consultation, will take time to evaluate the health of your jawbone and gums to determine if dental implants are the right option for you. In some cases, bone or gum graft surgery may be necessary before implant surgery, in order to strengthen your mouth.

We would love to talk to you about your dental health needs.  Call or send us a message to schedule your FREE dental implant consultation today!

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