Enhance Comfort and Healing

Prevent Pain and Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety when seeing the dentist?
Patients who are extremely anxious about seeing the dentist typically find IV sedation dentistry to be very beneficial. Through this approach, Dr. Gregory S. Holbrook, DMD administers the sedative intravenously. Since the sedative goes directly into the bloodstream, you will be sedated in a very short time. This sedative has an amnesic effect, so you should not feel or remember anything during the appointment. Because it is administered directly into the bloodstream, it takes effect sooner and allows for a faster recovery. Dentists agree that other benefits of IV sedation include the ability to more effectively control the levels of sedation through IVs. Also, the effects of IV sedation wear off much faster because the dosages are controlled evenly. This type of sedation is usually chosen over other options because of its effectiveness in comparison to other major types of sedation dentistry, including inhalation sedation and oral sedation.

Do you have procedures such as oral surgery that need to be done, or do you have multiple dental procedures that need to be completed in a single visit to save time?
Dr. Holbrook typically recommends the use of IV sedation for most cases where oral surgery is needed (such as dental implant placement, wisdom teeth removal, or reconstructive dental procedures). Our dentist may also recommend IV sedation in Lewisville, Texas, in cases where multiple procedures need attention. This essentially saves you time in the long run and prevents you from enduring multiple recovery processes.

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