We want your first, and every visit to our office to be enjoyable and relaxing. But most importantly, we want you to have your needs met. What you want matters to us, so we will make every effort to communicate with you as we recognize together your dental health needs.

In order to best meet your needs, we like to take time to get to know you on your first visit to our office. We have your meet Dr. Holbrook and his team, so you can get the kind of care you want, the way you want it. Your first visit typically includes a routine dental examination so both you and the doctor can have all the information you need to make the best, well-informed decisions about your dental health, your overall health and the appearance of your smile.

Because your time is valuable, we work to make every minute count so you can receive the quality care you need in a timely manner. When you come in for your initial appointment, you can expect:

    • To complete medical and dental history forms. We want to know your background so we can give you the best treatment you need today.
    • A full set of x-rays of your mouth. This enables the doctor to see information about the health of your teeth that is not always readily visible.
    •A health check-up for your gums. The health of your gums is critical to the long-term health of your teeth and your smile.
    • An oral cancer screening recommended yearly for earliest detection.
    • An intra-oral camera exam to see up-close the overall health, strength and appearance of your teeth and your smile.

Our aim is to provide you with quality information and recommendations so YOU can make informed decisions regarding your dental health and the appearance of your smile. We want to understand how to take care of your dental health so that your smile can last a lifetime.

During your second visit, you and Dr. Holbrook will sit down and discuss a treatment plan that will help you accomplish your dental health goals. With all the options of modern dentistry, you will have a variety of treatments to choose from. Your plan will always include regular dental hygiene visits and exams to maintain good health now and in the future.

We value your time, so we promise to work hard to protect your appointment times from delays and reschedules and look forward to helping you do the same, so we can stay on track to accomplish your dental health goals.